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Significant Account Planning

Targeting, defending and growing significant accounts

Who is this workshop for?

This one-day workshop is for anyone responsible for managing value key customer accounts that are considered significantly important by you and your organisationThe workshop is applicable to those in cross-functional and technical support roles who form part of the account team.

What does the workshop focus on?

The focus of the workshop is providing a structured framework for significant account targeting, planning, defence and growth, including,

  • Mapping and understanding the account terrain

  • Establishing the target market profile match

  • Determining our strategic position in the eyes of the customer

  • Plotting the strength and depth of our key contact relationships

  • Qualifying competitive positions for retention and defence

  • Establishing our level of opportunity for account growth.

Friendly Business Team

What are the benefits of attending?

Attendees at the significant account planning workshop will benefit by,

  • Developing the skills required to implement effective account planning

  • Gain an insight into their true position in their account

  • Improve their understanding of whatr actions are required to target, defend or grow their significant accounts.

They will also be provided with a easy to use, highly effective significant account plan that provides real value in both their operational and strategic account activities.

During the workshop you will use the plan to gain an insight into one of your existing key accounts. 

Post workshop they can use the plan and the process to strengthen their position to retain and grow all the key accounts they are responsible for.

Do they need to do anything before they attend?

During the workshop they will apply the skills and processes to an existing high value, strategically important key account you hold responsibility for.  The only preparation required is the selection of a relevant account before attending.

How many people can attend?

The Significant Account Planning workshop is designed to accommodate between 6 to 12 people

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

Alan Lakein

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