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Sales Skills Training Workshops

The objective of each of our sales skills training is to develop skills and techniques that show tangible results and can be easily embedded into your business-as-usual sales activity.

Using a structured framework within which the content is tailored to your needs and requirements, our sales training focuses on your organisation, your marketplace and overcoming the specific challenges your salespeople face.

To ensure the maximum impact when they attend the workshops, attendees apply the content, process and skills learned to their own prospects and customers.

This approach allows them to gain a real-life insight into their accounts, the opportunities in their pipeline and practical actions plans that they can implement immediately.

Creation of your tailored sales training is supported by a 3-stage development, design and delivery methodology; a process successfully engaged in by wide range of customers who have previously trusted johnpc ltd with their sales improvement objectives.

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Stage 1: Development

Key stakeholder meetings to identify specific skills gaps and agree tangible desired outcomes. This stage includes a delegate training needs analysis exercise.

She welcomes input in her presentations. Shot of a group of businesspeople attending a pre

Stage 2: Design

Production of tailored content relevant to customer's specific needs, existing skill sets and operating environment.

Stage 3: Delivery

Sales training delivery with delegates applying the process and methodology to their current sales pipeline opportunities, accounts and objectives.

For more detail on each sales skills workshop, including who they are for, the content and the benefits of attending, please select from the dropdown menu in the page header, or by clicking on the relevant image below

Professional Selling Skills

Our Professional Selling Skills Workshop is being updated, check back for details soon

Significant Customer Meetings

Win-Win Negotiation

Professional Sales Management

Significant Opportunity Insight

Writing Winning Sales Proposals

Customer Centric Selling

Business Meeting

Significant Account Planning

Friendly Business Team

Great Presentations

If you want to increase the skills and capability of your salespeople, enable them to be more effective, productive and to produce better results get in touch for an exploratory chat about how we can help.

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

Benjamin Franklin


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