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Sales Transformation Projects

Our sales transformation project service helps you improve the effectiveness and productivity and results of your sales teams.

Utilising the johnpc ltd 12-spoke sales transformation wheel, you will be able to answer the most fundamentally important questions vital to the effectiveness of any B2B sales operation.

Our approach can be tailored to,

  • Provide an end-to-end review of your complete sales operation

  • Focus on areas which represent a specific challenge to your sales productivity

  • Act as subject matter expertise to your own in-house sales transformation projects.


The process we deploy enables our customer to implement long-term sustainable improvements into their sales operations, it includes,

  • Review: Investigation into current processes and observation of actual working practices

  • Report: Provision of a comprehensive written report and executive level presentation; providing summary observations and detailed findings

  • Recommendation: Production of a practical implementable action plan that will provide instant benefits.

We can also help to support implementation of the recommendations.

The johnpc ltd 12-Spoke Sales Transformation Wheel

12 fundamental areas of focus essential to the long-term sustainable success of a high performing sales team

johnpc wheel 2.jpeg

If you would like to establish clear, concise action plans that improve your sales and business development effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, please get in touch for an exploratory discussion

For more information you can download the brochure of all our services HERE or you can use the chat, email or call options below.

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