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Pitching Your Price With Confidence

Here’s a few tips on Pitching your Price

When pitching your price never use phrases such as,

  • “We usually charge”

  • “The recommended price is”

  • “Our standard price is”

These phrases are indicators that you lack confidence in the amount you are asking for and invite the customer to probe for a lower price/discount.

When pitching your price simply give the numbers and provide a wrap statement with them, for example.

  • “The training course will cost you £1,450+VAT, that includes the course delivery, workbooks and participant slide packs”.

After pitching your price, resist the temptation to ask the customer, “how does that sound?”

If you ask this question, you are inviting the customer to say, “too expensive,” leave it to them to decide how to respond to your offer.

Finally, it goes without saying that the price your offering needs to be credible and represent value for money to the customer; if you have researched and qualified the opportunity correctly you will know if it is.

So before pitching your price, ask yourself if you personally would pay what you are asking for the service/product you are providing?

If the answer is anything other than a resounding yes, then you’re probably heading for a difficult conversation.

These hints and tips are an excerpt from the johnpc ltd Objection Handling Skills Workshop, full details of which can be found in our 2024 Sales Strategy and Skills Development Services catalogue.

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