Sales Value Propositions

The sales value proposition programme from johnpc ltd helps our customers ensure they never miss the chance to make a good first impression.

We achieve this by taking them through a 7-stage process, the result of which is a sales value proposition presentation that moves beyond a one-way broadcast exercise on product and price to a valuable opportunity to develop the customer relationship and qualify current and future business requirements.

The result is a sales value proposition presentation that,

  • Tells a story that is impactful
  • Ensures that the true value of what you have to offer is fully communicated
  • Provides proof of capability statements that increase customer confidence
  • Actively engages the customer through a conversational dialogue structure
  • Focuses on their business challenges
  • And…Is delivered in a consistent manner that differentiates you from your competitors.

So, if you want your sales value proposition presentation to be the reason that instead of saying “why”, your customers’ say “why not”?

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