Customer Recommendations

johnpc ltd RecommendationsListed here are a selection of the very kind words our customers have provided us on the work we have carried out for them since our formation in 2010.  

A number of organisations have retained our services on more than one occasion and for more than one of our competencies.  

We have loved working with all of them and are very grateful for their recommendations

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 British Gas Business

“John provided invaluable insight into our Sales operation, from a structural to process perspective. Having identified our opportunities for improvement, John provided tailored solutions to aid our transformation.  We have made a significant step change in our approach and performance, due to John’s help”  Dean Ewart – Director of Business Markets

eircom Consumer Division

“John has helped us at eircom on a number of assignments across a number of different functional areas. His core strengths lie in management and organisational design. He is able to review an organisation in depth and make proposals, which deliver lasting business improvement. I would have no hesitation in providing a more detailed and specific reference if you were considering engaging John’s services.”  Stephen Beynon – Group Managing Director


“John has recently completed an end to end review of salesforce efficiency and effectiveness. His approach to and engagement on the project was first class, ability to navigate a large organisation very strong and his depth of experience in this area second to none. The final deliverable was a set of recommendations for improvement, which are now mobilised, and in the process of implementation. This demonstrates the early realisation of business benefit from a short and sharp consulting engagement”  Gerry Culligan – Retail Market Leader

Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail)

“John engaged with all relevant stakeholders and helped the organisation re-define our value proposition and enhance our ability to identify and target prospective accounts. John also developed an array of key sales metrics and reports which have proved invaluable in terms of measuring and understanding our performance. Furthermore, John developed a governance framework which strongly supports the teams performance through effective communication, structure and engagement.  John provided a highly professional service and engaged with our sales team in a supportive and effective manner. I would thoroughly recommend John to any organisation wishing to strengthen their sales capabilities.”   Cormac Downes-National Sales Manager


“John has a wealth of sales experience and offers a strategic appraisal of the proposed activities in advance, ensuring a considered and professional engagement. John offers an extremely high level of service and provides quality outputs that are second to none, consistently delivering over and above requirements. His work ethic is geared toward a professional and trusted engagement, immersing himself in the business to become one of the team. On a personal level John is easy to work with, totally committed and a really nice guy to be around. I have no problem recommending John and his work.” Ian Jackson – Co Founder and Managing Director

eircom Business Division

“We engaged John and his team to develop a bespoke training program to enhance our customer engagement, retention and growth and give our sales teams a sturcutured approach to account development. The key thing that John and his colleagues brought to our engagement was first hand experience of dealing with customers and industry understanding – there was a mutual connection and understanding that lead to really strong engagement and practical takeaways for implementation.”   David Walsh – Director of Commercial & SME Sales

Econergy (a British Gas Company) 

” In summary working with John has been a great experience.  Having not known John prior to him coming into British Gas Business I was unsure what to expect but one thing you’ll learn is that John is passionate about making a positive change to a sales function.  He prides himself on getting the very best outcome for the business and has an exceptional track record to back-up his approach and style. What I like about John’s style is he isn’t shy to put his views forward but he does it in a pragmatic way that encourages engagement from the wider stakeholders  For any Sales Director looking at transforming a sales culture, in my experience you won’t find anyone better than John.”                                                        James Maden – Head of Sales & Commercial (ECO) at British Gas

Broadening Perspectives Ltd

“Many consultants spend your time and money showcasing their intelligence and over complicating situations to justify their fees.  The height of intelligence is bringing it out in other people!   If you’re looking for guidance from someone who’s only agenda is understanding yours, who can bring clarity to your vision and a strategy to make it a reality, then John’s the man for you.   Johns relaxed yet focused style encourages an innovative environment where exploration leads to tangible business results.”  Alison Delaney – Managing Director

Meyer Group Ltd

 “I wanted to have somebody address our sales and marketing teams at a conference who could address them in such a way that would make them think outside the box in relation to working as one team for the greater good of the business instead of two teams albeit with the same good intentions.  John managed to do that in a unique way that had them hooked, really made them think and most of all delivered the desired result ie showing that teamwork can really deliver better results but he did so in such a way that they were able to draw this conclusion themselves, so rather than dictacting this ethic they came on board voluntairily.”  Bob Harrison – UK Managing Director

Hello Brighton & Hove

“I’ve worked with John on a number of projects – over the years at Virgin Media Business and, more recently, supporting him at johnpc ltd. John’s a charismatic, highly driven, passionate leader – someone who always gets results through a combination of dogged determination, attention to detail, hard work and charm.  John’s head and heart are without doubt in the right place – so you can be assured that he’ll be focusing on the right thing and going about it in the right way. I have no hesitation in recommending John’s work and I will always grab the opportunity to work with John in the future.”     Abi Signorelli – Director – Hello Brighton & Hove