Coaching and Mentoring

johnpc ltd coaching & mentoringOur coaching and mentoring competency focuses on helping individuals improve their skills in the workplace: With the ultimate goal of helping them achieve increased performance, objectives and targets.

This includes the softer aspects that contribute to success, such as emotional intelligence, communication and personal gravitas.

There are (subtle) differences that determine whether a coaching or a mentoring relationship may be the appropriate solution to achieve these aims (in some cases neither is the best solution).

However, if there is a genuine desire for someone to,

  • Gain independent (non judgmental) feedback on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain developmental support outside of their direct work environment
  • Explore their opportunities to develop their skills and improve performance
  • Develop and improve management style
  • Benefit from a fresh pair of eyes and different perspective on problem management.

Coaching or mentoring may be an appropriate solution.

Some scenarios where we have found coaching and mentoring to be particularly useful are for people who,

  • Are being developed for leadership or roles with increased responsibility
  • Are newly promoted and want to develop a more strategic perspective
  • Recognise their own developmental needs and have a passion to improve
  • Want an independent perspective on problem management and conflict resolution
  • Want to improve communication skills with colleagues.

The Chartered Institute for Personal Development (CIPD) reported in their Learning and development survey (2014), “76% of organisations currently offer coaching or mentoring, with an additional 12% planning to offer it in the next year.”

Whilst not all of these will involve third party involvement, in the right circumstance an external coach or mentor may be the right solution.

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